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Dalesman Dog Psychology

The Guild of Dog Trainers

The Guild
of Dog Trainers

Member of Canine Behaviour Centre


What is Dog Psychology?

Hello and welcome to my website, you have taken the first step to greater understanding of how your dog thinks and learns.

The most asked question is ‘What is dog psychology?’ 

It is literally the study of the dog’s mind and how this affects its behaviour. To train a dog we need to be in tune with how it thinks. Wherever possible the dog’s natural instincts should be harnessed or replaced with a substitute so the dog gets direction and fulfilment. On this website you will notice the various bodies I am associated with.  Of course an academic education in the subject confirms that I understand the way a dog thinks and possess a good grasp of dog psychology and training. However, nothing can compare to the extensive experience I have acquired whilst sharing my life with dogs and being fortunate enough to be tutored by my father. My father was a man who instinctively knew how to get the best out of different types of dogs and achieved this without them being resentful or frightened.  

Every dog that I have ever owned or trained has taught me something new.  Every dog and owner I have met on a one to one basis has taught me more and most of all my father who trained, bred and shared his life with dogs and instilled in me the need to tune in to instinctive behaviour. I passionately believe in the methods that I am using, they have stood the test of time and concur with contemporary research.

George Dog Psychologist
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