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Does Your Dog Really Love You?

Does your dog really love you?

A great proportion of dog owners believe the answer to be a resounding ‘yes’

Well imagine this scenario: you and your dog are both starving on the brink of death. You arrive home and you come in the door first, in front of you are two beef-burgers with double cheese. You eat one and save one for the dog, both of you survive. Now imagine this scenario: the dog goes in first gobbles down both burgers and you drop down dead. Does this mean he doesn’t care whether you live or die or is he just a glutton? The fact is that it is neither, he is just acting out his natural survival instincts and cannot connect your death with him eating both burgers.

Once you understand his thought patterns. The realisation he cannot love you does not mean he thinks you are less important. He does depend on you for his needs.

If you harness and full fill these instincts you both will be happier sharing your life together.

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