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Dalesman Dog Psychology

The Guild of Dog Trainers

The Guild
of Dog Trainers

Member of Canine Behaviour Centre

Meet The Team

meet the team

The dogs I use in my one to one session and demonstrations are dogs who have one of the most ferocious reputations but are so gentle even the most nervous client remarks on their kindness with their mixed up pooches.

RUBY: We have now lost “Ruby” at the age of 12yrs 6mths  We are absolutely gutted  to lose a dog who dispels any “Myths” about Rottis  any body who ever met her both people and dogs were  amazed how calm /brave and trusting she was .She was a true “Ambassador” of how a Rotti should be.

I have had many dogs in  my almost   71 yrs and trained thousands but she will definitely be my  “Stand Out” dog.

 In charge of dog to dog friendship making  and being my number one Rottweiler Ambassador.She now does her trademark “Demo” at many of my talks ,she is on hand to show the finished product of my training and handling methods and makes people change their mind about the”Rottweiller”. she is completely trustworthy in a puppy class teaching manners to all.She is a massive part of “Dalesman Dog School” a fifty/fifty partner who will work nothing more than affection and  displaying the true “Rotti” temperament of “Family Guardian”.

KI: Anything to do with sheep herding and showing how even a killer can completely trustworthy around livestock and completely dog friendly.

We have recently lost” ki” who was in her 16th year .

But her legacy goes on .

She taught me much about dogs and myself and helped me over come a life threatening illness

I  will be always grateful for the chance to change her life and make her into the dog she should have been.

If we had been able to have her with out any damage from a previous life .

She would have been a super-star

ELLIE: In charge of all Rottweilers and small dog counsellor the absolute perfect family small dog.

She is now in her fifteenth year but is still part of the team

We recently lost Ellie in her 16th year .She also has helped many dogs in their rehabilitation and will be sorely missed.

LILY: Heavyweight who thinks she is a chihuahua in charge of security and back up to Ruby. Speciality includes playing dead followed by tummy tickles. She loves everyone including children.

 She is Not a guard dog but is a “Family Guardian” and has taken on the role of “Nanny” to my daughters toddler.

Lilly is now 12yrs old and a superb teaching dog she is invaluable in the puppy school.

We also have lost “Lilly”@13yrs  she leaves a big hole physically and emotionally to fill.


is the latest addition another “Rotti”  now 5yrs old

She is nothing like her “Auntie” Lilly  a real lively dog but who again is completely trustworthy in class with livestock and other dogs.

She is helping me try new training and keeping me on my toes.

Greta is now my No 1 Stooge dog.

She has big shoes to fill but @7yrs old is really blossoming and carrying on the “Rottie” tradition of helping with education and manners,

She improves everyday.

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