Hi my name is George

My name is GEORGE BARRETT.  I am a practising registered dog psychologist.

I work closely and accept referrals from many local vets in particular “Ashlands” who are located at Glusburn and Ilkley

my work involves  training people to understand dogs better. I have kept, bred, and trained dogs since early childhood. I live on a farm in Yorkshire with my wife Susan and present pack of dogs.

Specialising  in puppy training , I work with clients and their dogs on a one to one basis. I also run puppy /juvenile and adult training classes.

My lifelong passion has been livestock and dogs in particular.  My dad before me was a natural dog man, who got results using methods that are causing great excitement today.  I have truly embraced these methods and  have studied the way a dog thinks and learns which has served to enhanced and confirm my earlier lessons. Some 36 years ago  I moved to the farm and started training my own working border collies using a much softer methods than was traditional at the time.

Facilities at the Farm

  • Enclosed paddock
  • Fun agility
  • Socialisation walks
  • Purpose built training building for all weather building
  • Sheep, poultry and horse to enable prey/chase instinct /desensitise
  • Desensitise this is much easier when done in the “Critical” period.

Why Me?

My wife and I, with help from all the family are running Dalesman Dog Psychology.We all gain great satisfaction from not only training the dogs but meeting the owners/handlers and seeing the change in the dog to owner relationship which is the building block of training.

This enlightenment has changed people’s lives and their dogs.